(L55) Pit Bulls – The Breed of Love and Trust

This is my seventh speech for the public speaking course of the Ron Paul Curriculum, and this week we had to pick an animal to research!
I decided to cover the origins and progression of the Pit Bull breeds; I hope I can open eyes and hearts, and teach you guys something new!

Again, the facts, stories, videos and pictures I mentioned can be all be found at Pitbulls.org, or by clicking here.

As always guys, thank you for watching and listening! If you have any comments, suggestions or requests, please leave them below and be sure to like and share if you enjoyed it!

God Bless!


4 thoughts on “(L55) Pit Bulls – The Breed of Love and Trust

    • I have had tons of dogs, but my first pit ended up in my life by honest and crazy chance. He changed my life; that dog kept me from depression and suicide, he slept with me every night. He protected me, loved me, and gave me faith that there was good in the world. Booker opened my eyes to the pit world, and he will forever hold the biggest place in my heart.


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