All Pets Go To Heaven

This month something horrible happened to me. My best friend (& cat) Rocky was diagnosed with FIP; a viciously fatal feline disease that only infects about 1 in 5000 cats worldwide. Rocky fought hard for us through his last few months on earth, and despite his sickness, he was such a happy, wonderful little man. He never lived to see two, but I always said he had a wise old soul. Rocky brought joy into my heart & soul that will never leave me – he changed me as a person for the better & he still teaches me about life, even from heaven.

After Rocky passed away, we buried him under my favorite hibiscus tree; he would have loved the place we chose for him to finally rest. I pick a fresh flower to lay on his memorial stone every few days, and when they too die, the rabbits come and eat them. I think it’s just beautiful that he has become part of the worlds routine, even the wild animals, in his passing. I’m grateful that his place in our garden is visited and enjoyed by so many birds, lizards, & bunnies; what better way to honor the world he loved than by inviting them in.

Rocky healed me of so many sorrows in his shot lifetime. He comforted me in my darkest days, & he taught me how to love with my whole heart; a pure kind of love, untainted by this world. Without him, I was broken-hearted. I am broken-hearted. I think I always will be; but knowing him was so worth the pain of loosing him. But even as empty as I felt inside, it could not compare to how truly barren my house was without him. I spent three days collecting his things and packing them up together. I gathered the courage to throw his medications away; we put his climbers into the garage. Every trace of my baby boy was hidden because every time I looked at it, I expected him to be there – but he never would be again. It is still a thought I cannot bear.

I remember praying to God a few nights after Rocky passed; I needed to know that he was in heaven, and at peace. I had so much confusion about animals and their place in heaven, and I prayed so hard for a sign from the Lord. I asked for something very specific as confirmation, “Please Lord, send me a rainbow. Show me he is with you in heaven Father, please send me a rainbow…”. I prayed and watched, and prayed and watched, but still, no rainbow. Somewhat discouraged, but still faithful & full of hope, I went to bed & decided to just forget about it.

Later on in the week, my husband, mother-in-law and myself all found ourselves at the very place we stood when we first laid eyes on Rocky – pressed against the front glass window of the Humane Society in the mall. Six little sister kittens were all curled up sleeping. Our broken hearts needed love that only the frisky innocence of a kitten could offer. And in the joy and sadness of the moment, we ended up with two kittens rather than one! Two perfect little girls, so extremely different from each other, yet so perfectly matched to one another, and to us.

Later that evening, laying in bed with my husband and two purring babies, I got up to crack open the window shade just how Rocky used to love. I thought maybe the girls would like his window spot too. The sun was setting, and I was grateful for the peace of the moment. I looked down at the sleeping kitten nestled beside me, and at the kitten cuddled up to Carmine too. But then, something magical happened. When my eyes lifted to Carmine’s face, there was a bright little rainbow stretched across his cheek. In disbelief, I blinked; and when I opened my eyes, there was not one rainbow, but a thousand. Our entire bedroom was covered in little rainbow shards; the walls, the ceiling, us and the kittens – we were being bathed in Gods love and light. I have never seen anything so beautiful as long as I have lived. God sent me Rocky, and Rocky sent me two little girls to live out his legacy. Never have I felt such peace, love, understanding and truth – the setting sun had shone straight through the glass base of our bedside lamp, and projected a thousand dancing rainbows onto my soul. In that moment, I knew my prayers were being answered, and I knew that Rocky was in fact bounding through the green fields of heaven. God is so good. God hears prayer & He answers prayer – He remembers when we forget, and He heals when we hurt.

All pets go to heaven, and if you have a single ounce of doubt, I pray that God sends you rainbows too. I am moving forward in life not with sorrow, but with gratitude & peace. My heart can love again knowing that God has so much love, even for a cat, that He can fill a room with rainbows. What a blessing.

The Truth About Death

Death is inevitable; an inescapable fact of life. With death comes sadness, anger, loss…but nobody ever talks about the healing death causes. It seems almost taboo to talk about the beauty in rebuilding after great loss, and I think that is why so many people never recover from great grief.

Most people are comfortable embracing the hurt, and the pain, and the tears; but where are the people saying “this loss made me stronger,” and why do people scrunch up their face when you admit that this part of life has made you a better person.

Death is only a punishment for the living if we allow it to be! We can learn to let go of the suffering, or we can sentence ourselves to a lifetime of it. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that I would never judge someone for the way that they grieve. I would simply like to help people heal, and embrace change. No matter how hard that may be.

I have heard that there are stages of grief, and I have seen them play out before my very own eyes in the people around me. I have seen grief overtake lives, and I have seen it empower. I have seen self destruction masked as grief. I have felt the pain of helplessness when one allows grief to control their life.

In fact, I myself fell victim to the power of grief. It wasn’t a pain that hit me like a truck; it wasn’t just the constant feeling of sadness. It was anxiety and stress; it was many sleepless nights and misplaced guilt…but most of all anger. Nobody warned me about how angry death can make you. I mean truly enraged at the world, and everyone in it. Even angry at myself (without reason). Death will make you doubt the plain and simple truth. And when you’re done being angry, there will still be waves of emotion to come.

However when I took a step back, and began to talk about how I felt, I realized I wasn’t so angry after-all. Mostly, I was just hurt. And that hurt turned to healing the second I decided I was ready to heal. I began to realize that no amount of anger would resurrect the lost. But I could prevent that same loss from happening again if I chose to move forward. So that is what I did.

Now, that’s not to say I was immediately rid of all sorrows. I still cry for Bailie, and I always will. But I cry for different reasons now. I cry because I am relieved that I don’t carry the weight of her death on my shoulders. I cry because she is at peace, and she made the world safer for others who will have her very same illness. She taught us so many important lessons in her passing and I cry because her death will not be in vain; I won’t allow it to be. I cry tears of joy that her suffering is over. I smile that she turned divided coworkers into a family, and into a team; even if that transformation is still in the process.

Death does not have to divide us. Loss does not have to be only loss. We will always miss those who have passed on, but that does not mean they have left us. The truth is that death can teach us how to live again, and loss can teach us how to love. It can make friends of strangers, and pump blood through tired hearts. It can unite us. Death can heal us. Death can be beautiful.

The Liebster Award 2016

About The Liebster Award: The Liebster Award 2016 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers.


1: Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them (don’t forget to comment on this post so I can check out your answers).

2: Make a blog post outlining 11 facts about you,

3: Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.

4: Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.

5: Nominate 5-11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts.


Thank you to both Allison at School Essays and Jada at Jada’s Blog for nominating me and my blog for the Liebster Award. I was definitely not expecting it, and it means a great deal to me!


11 Facts About Me:

  1. I LOVE Jesus! He is my Lord & Savior, and I have dedicated my life to him.
  2. I got engaged when I was sixteen, and I am (soon to be) married at eighteen! I am so blessed to have found my soulmate this early in life ❤
  3. I want tons of kids! I am madly in love and I can’t wait to have a family!
  4. Animals are my joy, my calling and my passion! I am working towards becoming a service dog trainer, and I am so grateful to be employed at a doggy daycare now!
  5. I have a cat named Rocky; he loves to walk on a leash and he sits on command for treats. Rocky also enjoys wearing cat-sized t-shirts.
  6. New England will always be my home at heart! (Go Pats!)
  7. Taxation is theft, and I want to abolish the government.
  8. I homeschooled online for my last few years of high school.
  9. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and not just because pumpkin is delicious.
  10. I want to have my own dog rescue/shelter one day.
  11. I want to live on a farm of rescue animals, all my own to love and care for!


My answers to Allison’s questions:

  1. Were you looking forward to answering these questions? Yes!
  2. Who is your role model? Jesus Christ ❤
  3. How long have you had a blog? A few years.
  4. Have you always had the idea of blogging in your mind? I have always been a writer but I have not always been a dedicated blogger 🙂 so I guess I would say no.
  5. Do you listen to music very often? Every single day!
  6. Do you view friendship as something to cherish? Absolutely.
  7. Favorite quote? It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
  8. Favorite flower? Tiger Lilies
  9. Favorite person in history? Jesus 🙂
  10. Would you prefer writing something or making a craft? I love to do both but I would probably rather make a craft on any given day.
  11. How long did it take you to answer these questions? Maybe a minute or two.

My answers to Jada’s questions:

  1. What do you believe? I believe in the power of Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit!
  2. Why do you believe what you believe? Because Jesus personally saved me. He shows me his love and mercy every day.
  3. What do you want in life? I want to make God, and my husband proud of me. I would love to be a mother almost more than anything; and I would also love to train service dogs.
  4. What matters most to you? God, family, and animals.
  5. What purpose do you find in life? God has a plan for me, and that is more than enough to keep me going.
  6. What defines you? I am an extremely strong willed and opinionated person. I am loyal to the death of me, and I am not afraid to go against the crowd if it means doing the right thing. You could say I’m a rebel 😉
  7. What are the three most important goals in your life? Serving God, Serving God, and Serving God
  8. How do you view the world? The world is a sad, dark, broken, lost place that we must endure; however it is a place to learn, and grow. Darkness only offers the opportunity to bring light. We can bring light into a dark place here, so I see the world as an opportunity to do good.
  9. What are three things you dislike? I dislike sin, which pretty much covers all three things.
  10. What are three things you like? I like (love) God, my family, and animals – also freedom, but I know that’s four things!
  11. How would you describe yourself? Hard working, adventurous and outgoing; maybe a little fun and ridiculous too. More than anything though, I’m an empath.

My Questions to the blogs I nominated:

  1. What matters most to you?
  2. What is your favorite animal?
  3. What is the most powerful emotion?
  4. What is your dream career/job?
  5. Where, in your opinion, is the most beautiful place on earth?
  6. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
  7. What is your favorite song/band/genre at the moment?
  8. What would your dream vacation look like?
  9. If you could change any one thing about the world, what would it be?
  10. What is your best/favorite recipe (for anything!)?
  11. What is one cause you support and/or would like to bring more attention to?

My nominees are:

(If you have already been nominated by someone else and I was unaware then disregard!)







Bride on a Budget – Wedding Favors (DIY)

It might be a side-effect of all those late night say-yes-to-the-dress episodes. Or maybe it could just be the tireless research and planning; but sometimes, it feels as if I need nearly a million dollars to have a wedding in this day and age! As a bride on a budget, I made it my mission to save money by tracking sales, buying wholesale, and DIYing almost everything – now I am here to share my secrets with you!

Disclaimer: This is not a project I would recommend undertaking unless you have a lot of time and effort available to put into it. It took me a bit of trial and error to decide what worked best for me and different waxes, dyes, molds and scents can give you varying results. It also took quite a bit of time to compare prices and products. That being said, I am happy with the fruits of my labor (and I actually really enjoyed the entire process)! My time, money and effort were all well spent. Plus, everyone loves a handmade gift; it is personal, and your guests will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Also, please keep in mind before starting a project such as this one that while buying product/ingredients in bulk will save you money, it will cost you a great deal at once. In my case specifically, (using the ingredients I listed) I was left with quite a bit of extra wax, fragrance, etc. So, although the price I paid for all of the products adds up to more than $2.00 per unit (candle), I was able to calculate unit cost by only including the exact measure of the ingredients I needed for each candle. (In short, I am excluding the cost of the extra product – which was a result of buying in bulk – to calculate my cost.) PPU may also vary depending on the decorations chosen for each favor.

Lastly, I would just like to throw this information out there: the only candles which are truly ‘good’ or healthy are aromatherapy candles made of beeswax and essential oils. Under normal circumstances, I would never use anything but beeswax or EOs however with the great quantity needed for wedding favors, I just cannot afford to pay almost $9.00 for a pound for wax.


The majority of our wedding guests will be flying down south to where we are having our wedding. Because of this, travel convenience was something that I had to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding favor. I also had to take into account the fact that I wanted my gifts to be useful; nothing that would sit on a shelf or in a drawer and collect dust. I finally decided that small homemade candles would be perfect! They are light, TSA friendly, useful, pretty and personal! Not to mention that they’re versatile and workable on any budget with any number of guests.

jar (2)The first thing I needed to do was pick out heat-safe containers. (You could also buy votive molds if you would rather, but then you must look into packaging as well and this may drive your costs up unnecessarily.) I eventually found mine at Old Pottery Barn for $0.89 a piece. Keeping my container expenses under $1.00 per unit was an important mini-budget (a budget within a budget) I kept to. I also saved quite a bit of money by purchasing jars/containers without lids. (But don’t worry, I didn’t let my candles go naked! We will come back to the issue of covering them/adding makeshift lids.)

The “mini mason jar mugs” which I fell in love with (pictured above) were 5-ounce containers. This may sound small (I thought it did until I poured the candles), but in all honesty they turned out to be the absolute perfect size. Working with low-volume containers also offers the potential to save you a fortune on wax. (Larger candles may be appropriate for smaller weddings, but it is really all about your budgetary allowance and personal preference. Experiment a bit and see what you like; make sure not to lose sight of waxthe fun in this project!)

The second thing that I did was research wax prices, because I knew that this was going to be my second largest expense (throughout the process). To my surprise, I found the best prices for nearly every item on the Bulk Apothecary website.  (They have coupons and deals quite often, and an awesome range of products too!) Due to the extremely high prices of beeswax, I had no choice but to use soy wax. It is much cheaper, and it burns slower; however it lacks the natural and medicinal properties of beeswax. I ended up purchasing three 8lb bags of CB-135 blend soy wax for $17.40 a bag. (This was not an extremely high-quality wax, and some ‘frosting’ did occur on the inside of the containers once the wax dried. It didn’t bother me much, though.)

Next, I picked out fragrances. (For certain people with allergies and/or sensitivities, I have opted to make aromatherapy candles using essential oils and beeswax rather than fragrance and soy wax.) In the past, this has proven to be a tricky task to complete online, simply because of the fact that you cannot smell the product before you buy it. However, if you stick by positive reviews and go for smells you know you like, you should be fine. MUG2(Keep the season of the wedding in mind when picking out fragrances! I chose to get two different scents to make ensure that all of my guests would be happy with their parting gifts.) I purchased 16-ounce bottles of both Sweet Pea & Ivy fragrance ($20.60), and Maple
Cream fragrance ($18.80). (You must calculate the amount of fragrance oil, wax, dye, etc. you will need to use depending on the brand of products you buy, the
number of favors you’re making, the size of your containers, and what you think smells/looks the best.)

Aside from wax and fragrance, I also found the best prices on wicks and candle-dye at Bulk Apothecary. When purchasing  wicks I went for something that was about 3 inches longer than I needed; the extra length is crucial when you are gluing them into the containers because (in my case at least) the opening of the jar was too narrow for my fingers to fit inside. I was able to get a 100-count pack of “6 wicks (cotton, lead-free) for $6.95. (Most wicks are actually still made with lead, which is not something that you want to inhale – be sure to ask for lead-free wicks when searching stores. All of Bulk Apothecary’s wicks are made free of lead.) My scarlet colored candle-dye (good for up to 20lbs of wax) was only $0.99. ( I bought two just in case.)
Aside from the bare materials, you will need a pouring pot (the bigger the better) for melting our wax, and you will also need a thermometer. (The thermometer is needed because different fragrances need to be added to wax at different temperatures.) I got these in a kit at Hobby Lobby (along with votive molds and extra wax/fragrance) for bucket$19.99 (with  a coupon). I also picked up a kitchen scale that can measure grams/ounces/pounds for weighing out the wax/measuring my oils and such. A hot glue gun is a handy tool to have on hand as well.

For more in depth instructions, you will need to contact the seller of your brand of products for specific details. (Bulk Apothecary online help-chat is an amazing feature. Those people can seriously answer any question in the world. I highly recommend buying from BA.) But, specific details aside…

Wash your containers before you do anything with them! I cannot stress this point enough. As clean as that glass looks, you’re going to notice the department store dust when it is glued to the glass by your newly ruined wax. (It will ruin your candles.)
Once they are dry and clean, use your hot glue gun and the end of a pencil or pen to wowsecure the bottom of the wick into the center of the glass. Don’t cut off the excess wick yet.

Now, you can finally make some candles! Phew! Measure your wax and melt it over a medium heat on the stove, checking the temperature periodically. (I used a double boiler but it isn’t absolutely necessary.) Once you have reached the desired temperature, add coloring (slowly) and fragrance.

As far as the BA ingredients go, I used about 0.5-1.5 ounces of fragrance per pound of wax. One block of dye can be used for 10-20 lbs of wax (all a matter of personal preference). And, fragrance should be added when your wax has reached a temperature of about 135° F or higher.

Now, pour the wax into your containers! You are going to have to secure the wicks upright tag2in the center while they dry. For this, you can use a pencil, tape, a Popsicle stick, or really anything that you’d like. Set them aside to cool/harden and check on them in 24 hours! When they are completely solid, cut the wicks! Now you’re ready to decorate!

For my decorations, I chose to go with a rustic-chic look; A simple black tag over shimmery white tulle. I also picked up a few stamps and a stamp pad in the clearance section of Michael’s craft store to decorate the front of the tags (right). I used a metallic silver sharpie to write the wedding date and the scent of the candle on the back of each tag as well. Lastly, I cut 4×4 squares of fabric, and layered them in twos on top of each jar before securing them with black thread.

And finally, many tears, burns, and hours later, you have made beautiful wedding favors from scratch for less than two dollars a pop (and they smell delicious if I do say so myself)! If you aren’t too sick of the smell yet, I would even recommend lighting one of those suckers up and taking a bath with your DIY bath bombs (but that project will be for another day)! Pat yourself on the back, maybe shed one last tear (this time, of joy) and call it a day, Woman. You have out-done yourself!


iloveyou   yes


Always Be Honest With Yourself

Rounding the corner to my 18th year of life has been quite the whirlwind of emotions. I have made it this far; but how far will I go? What is important to remember, and what would the future me be better off forgetting? Among all of the questions however, I have found an overwhelming amount of answers. Maybe too many for my own good, at times.

Most of the questions we have in our teens years, are, presumably answered by our own trial and error. Unfortunately, nobody is truly capable of warning us of the dangers we will set for ourselves ahead. Most likely, we will repeat our parents mistakes; we will say and do the same exact things that all young adults did before us (but good luck getting them to admit it). We will go on through life believing that we have all the answers already; until, one day, we realize we don’t. That will be the day that we turn back to those who were once like us; those who partied and made the wrong choices but will never admit it. And our parents and grandparents, and for some like me, great-grandparents will fill in those question marks with wise answers. They have lived our days already, and believe me, they had the same questions too.

As someone who spent their entire life running away, I find myself lost in the past quite often. For many years I wondered what it would be like to have a dad. I’d bask in the realm of imaginary childhood memories, and I’d piece together the person I could have been today. Most of all though, I would imagine asking my father the questions that accumulated throughout my life.

In the movies, I would see little girls. They were much too young to sit up front, but they were always comfortably seated in the passenger side nonetheless. The wind would toss their beautiful long hair as they glanced at their father endearingly. It was always at this point in the film that the solemn and cherishable fatherly advice would be graced upon the daughter. These car rides were always the best and worst part of the movie for me, because they were the moments I dreamed of all my life, but would never experience.

As each year passed, my family fell apart more and more. By the time I was fifteen I had lost my mom (she didn’t die, she is just gone from my life), and I was separated from my two younger brothers. I met my biological father, and shortly after beginning to build a relationship together, he left me again. I never felt enough love or trust for my biological father to ask him the questions only a Dad could answer…so I didn’t; and they built and built.

At fifteen, I fell in love. I mean, I really fell head-over-heels madly in love with a handsome gentleman named Carmine. After almost a year, we got engaged in the very same place that we met! What I didn’t realize when I fell in love was that I fell for every part of Carmine, including his family, whom always welcomed me with open arms and gave me all the love they possibly could. God had quite interesting plans for Carmine and myself, and shortly after getting engaged we moved across the country to Florida, to move in with his parents.

Carmine’s dad (whose name is also Carmine) has always been a ball buster. He is a trouble maker and an instigator; just like me. We clicked the minute we met, and we have always had a strong unspoken bond. After moving in with his dad, we only got even closer. I don’t drive so he would often drop me of at work, and I began to look forward to our sunrise drives more than anything else in the day. We would stop at the gas station, see our friend Bob, and be on our way with coffee in hand. I loved our morning routine, and so did Dad.

One day, as I was getting home from work, I walked in and yelled “Carmine, I brought you your favorite, a double fudge cookie!” and I’ll never forget the words that came out of his mouth at that moment. He sat up from the couch, turned around, and stared at me with a tough-yet-sweet look in his eyes. “Whats with all this ‘Carmine’ nonsense?!” he barked (as he quite often does). Confused, I responded “well, what am I supposed to call you…?”. “Dad” he said. And even though fireworks were going off on the inside, I just smiled, gave him his cookie and said “Okay, Pops. You got it.” and walked into my bedroom.

I had thrown around the use of “Pops” or “Dad” here and there but it was by no means a regular thing; it was more experimental than anything. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, and I didn’t want to make Carmine’s parents uncomfortable either. Yet, here I was, on a Tuesday night covered in cake flour from work, beaming with pride that this old man wanted me to call him Dad.

From then on, our morning rides were different. Almost magical. After all these years with unanswered questions, God gave me the father I always needed and I didn’t waste one second taking advantage of it. I must have asked him so many questions that he wanted to duct tape my mouth shut but he didn’t. He didn’t even ask why I inquired about his childhood dreams and plans, he just answered me.

Fast forward to last Thursday evening. It was muggy and hot, but the sky was absolutely breathtaking, so I cracked my window anyways. As the sun touched down on the earth and the wind tangled my hair, I found comfort knowing that this was my father-daughter-movie-moment. This was the day I waited my whole life for, and I was ready for it.

“Dad?” I spoke half confidently half nervously. “What is the one piece of information that you need to pass on (to me) in this life? What is the key to success?”
I looked over to the driver side and Pops was thinking. I mean, he was really thinking. I know when he is searching for just the right thing to say because he takes his time, and he puckers his mouth on his chewing tobacco like it helps him focus. He kept his eyes locked on the road even as I pressed him with my yearning stare, and he said to me “always be honest with yourself.”

I don’t think there is an emotion to describe this milestone in my life. It is a moment that my old man will likely forget, but I will cherish it forever. This, the day that I unlocked the secret to life, success, and happiness, will live forever in my heart and mind. Thank you for being my father, and loving me like your own Old Man. God was keeping you for me all of this time.

Having a Dad means knowing that one day, this person will live on through you. To be able to take this one answer from him, the most important thing he will ever pass on to me, was worth waiting more than a thousand years for. There is something about the safety of a father that makes you feel like they hold the answers to every question in the universe. And suddenly, once I asked this one, crucial question, the other ones didn’t matter so much anymore. I worry less, and I live more. Dad gave me freedom in this moment that will inhabit my soul until the end of time.

New Polls & Surveys!

Hey there! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am switching over all of my polls to my WordPress blog site. I have already begun uploading new questions so please feel free to check them out and share your opinion if you’re comfortable! I am already learning so much from all of the input I’ve received and I can’t thank you all enough. New posts are coming soon!

If you want specific topics covered/questions answered, be sure to share your opinion with me anonymously at

Is God Real & Where is The Proof? Part One: The First Day

Quick background info: Since graduating high school I no longer have weekly writing assignments. I have grown to really love blogging and so in order to continue I am getting all of my topics/questions from my readers, friends and family! I will be posting polls occasionally, and I would love to hear your opinion! If you also have ideas for other segments you would like to see blogged about I would be interested in taking those suggestions as well.
If you are interested in submitting your answers to the poll for this series (it is only one question as of right now), you can access it while it is still live at
I hope that anyone coming across this will read what I have to say with an open mind, no matter what you believe in. To ask open-mindedness of you and not exercise it myself would be just wrong, so I welcome all questions and debates gladly. In my opinion (and experience), the best way to make discoveries is by challenging what you’ve come to know and believe. 

Is God real? This is the most simple, difficult question that has ever existed, if you ask me.

Well, not only do I believe that God is real, but I know it for a fact; He is very much alive and at work all around us in the world today. I know that God is real because He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth to live and die on the Cross for you and I. The life of Jesus and everything that He did for us is recorded within the Holy Bible. I know that the recounted events in the Bible are accurate because the book as a whole has been scientifically, mathematically and historically proven to be accurate time and time again.

I know that a common misconception about Christians is that we all believe science is foolish and/or that we ignore facts. Well friends, I am here to tell you exactly the opposite. In fact, science constantly supports the Word of God! One of the greatest (and most easily observed) examples of this can be found in the creation of the very earth you’re standing on!

Think back to everything you ever learned about the Big Bang. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the theory that out of nothing, a hot and dense area (referred to as the singularity) was materialized. Within a fraction of a fraction of a second, at this focal point the ‘Big Bang’ occurred and the universe was born. (What?!) The entire universe, born from nothing in “less than a hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second” (Chow). Scientists don’t know quite much more than this about the very beginning of our universe. They cannot say or prove how the singularity came to be, or what caused it to start the Big Bang.

So, in short, scientists have no solid claims or evidence as to how the universe really began in the first place. Knowing that humans cannot create life from non-life as a divine and Holy God could (and did), it is safe to assume that we are not God. We are not the creators of this universe, and it is impossible to evolve (even spiritually) to this degree of power and authority. Obtaining this very information has caused many scientists have come out and say that the creation of the universe physically could only have been caused/completed by a “divine being,” or “God” (Wolper).

This is the truth that I have come to know and believe: Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach is the very God that these scientists have come to speak undeniably of. I know that the Bible truly is the inspired Word of God because it is only solidified, strengthened and proven true when matched up with scientific/historical facts. In Genesis, the very first chapter of the (KJV) Bible, we read how God describes the first day of creation:

(1) In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.
(2) And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
(3) And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
(4) And God saw the light, that it was good:and God divided the light from the darkness.
(5) And God called the light Day and the darkness He called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

We already know that God created the heavens and the earth because unbiased scientific fact has proven that there are no other possible alternatives to a divine being. So as for Genesis 1:1, science and the Bible agree. We also know that before the creation of the universe, (with the exception of God) nothing existed; there was simply empty space and void. So, according to Genesis 1:2, current scientific theory also coincides with biblical worldview perfectly.

Years worth of the intensive research has also proven that during the Big Bang, tremendous amounts of light were created by tiny electrons glowing all at once. (Think  of a symphony; one instrument wouldn’t be much to hear, but a whole universe of instruments could certainly put on a show!) Not to mention the fact that the earth and the sun were created around the same time as one another. The Big Bang timeline obeys the exact recorded biblical command of God in Genesis flawlessly; He said Let there be light, and most certainly there was (Wolper)!

After exploring the first day of creation, we can surely conclude that science has supported every single biblical claim presented to the tee. Thus far, it is undeniable that the bible is in fact scientifically and factually sound. I believe it is also important to restate that the Big Bang theory does not disprove God, rather it exhibits the results of one of the Creator’s greatest commands of all time.

Science is a tool for humanity, especially the Christian community. In my opinion, we should embrace and study it; otherwise it is liable to become misunderstood, and used as a weapon against us. A Christian with true faith knows that our God is scientific, and a meticulous planner. No number of mathematics formulas or soil testing can disprove his divine knowledge or creation because everything that is, is from Him. All patterns, formulas and anomalies point to God because they were made by God, and I challenge anyone who believes otherwise to attempt scientifically disproving the presence/existence of God. I know that I can prove what I believe, can you?

Seeking truth is what led me to faith, but faith is what finally taught me truth.
I can only hope and pray that something so beautiful and powerful will happen to you too.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: physical and visible/measurable facts are not the only way to prove the existence of God. Personal experience/testimony of Jesus Christ, God (Yahweh), and the Holy Spirit are some of the strongest and most influential pieces of evidence that someone can share. Although I have chosen to focus on the raw and factual basics for now, I will absolutely share my testimonies and experiences of the spiritual realm at some point in the near future. I do want to encourage everyone reading this to take the time to consider the possibility that God created the universe, the earth and you! If you ask God for the truth with your whole heart and you’re seeking Him in faith, God will reveal Himself unto you. Maybe He is speaking to you now, and maybe He has been speaking to you for a long time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by finding the truth for yourself!

Embrace truth, love, light, and life always! May God Bless You!

Related Verses/Verses to Consider:

Matthew 7:7-8 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. 

James 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and He will draw night to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. 

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Please feel free to ask any personal or spiritual questions (about God or otherwise) that you think of upon reading this. All other questions are welcome too and I will do my best to answer them! As always, I love feedback of all types so tell me what you think! Anyone looking for one-on-one discussion can reach me by email at





Chow, Denise. “The Universe: Big Bang to Now in 10 Easy Steps.”, 18 Oct. 2011. Web. 23 May 2016. <;.

Wolper, David L. “Genesis And Science: More Aligned Than You Think?”The Huffington Post., 25 May 2011. Web. 23 May 2016. <;.

Areas That I Can Exercise Leadership During The Next Year (Written by Justice)

Justice's school blog

One area that I think I could exercise more leadership during the next year would be on the Ron Paul Curriculum Discussion forum.  This forum has been mistreated in many ways.  It was designed for students to communicate with one another.  Unfortunately some of the students have misused it, as well as some technical issues that need to be resolved. One of these is the fact that parents have no way to know what is going on, other than looking through every single post.

Although Ron Paul started this curriculum, I don’t think he is still in charge. The reason of this being that so many parents have requested that a few things be changed and nothing has been done about it.  Another thing that would be nice would be every one co-operating and not supporting foolish talk.  Also there should be either more moderators or, just one that can…

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The Truth About Gary North & The Ron Paul Curriculum

Let me just start this off by saying, wow. What a journey it has been these past two years.

I began homeschooling in my junior year of high school with the Ron Paul Curriculum. My classes were great for the most part, and I was just struggling with getting into the swing of things. I had teachers like Tom Woods (my favorite!) and Gary North (we will get to him later). After completing all of my classes for junior year, I decided to re-enroll and finish my senior year with the RPC too. This is where things get interesting.

In my first year, I took notice of how Gary North talked to students; especially in comparison to how other instructors regarded students. (For anyone who does not know, the instructors do not grade your schoolwork, and all communications are through online forums. The forums are probably about 95% student moderated, and all posts are visible to all members.) Although I enjoyed his courses, I was met with animosity whenever I asked a clarification question, and I was not the only one. Since I was so new to the curriculum, I mostly just kept my head down when I saw North making an effort to belittle students.

The way he spoke was not with authority, but rather, arrogance. Students as young as freshmen were subjected to public embarrassment and humiliation on the public forums;  and each and every question asked was answered with another question: “do other students feel the same?”. If other students would confirm that they agree, he would again ask more questions to avoid fixing his mistakes. Under no circumstances would North accept advice or requests from the students.

Within 6 months of being in the curriculum I had seen an encounter between North and another student that actually upset me so much I contacted the support email for the RPC. North was far beyond disrespectful towards the student, and was clearly aiming for public humiliation in an attempt to deter him/her from asking North to fix his course mistakes. It was my understanding at this point in time that Ron Paul was the founder of the curriculum (hence the name) and it was my honest intent to have Gary North spoken to about his demeanor. Instead, I discovered that Gary North is the founder, and that it is his curriculum. He also puts out a great deal of the courses himself. Ron Paul’s only involvements are his name and his photo on the front page (which is extremely misleading). I was basically told to deal with it. (And suddenly the relentless displays of power and rudeness all made sense.)

In my two years with the RPC, I have not once seen Dr. North directly answer a student’s question, or offer to fix any of his mistakes with the coursework. It did not take very much observation to gather that Gary North sits on a horse so high he has to shout down upon middle and high school children. I was however taken aback by his most recent actions.

(Disclaimer: I am not here to justify my actions; I was not as polite as I could have been. Two years of being disrespected and talked down to in a curriculum I helped pay for myself is atrocious. Students deserve to be respected just as much as instructors do. If I wanted to continue the treatment I received in public school, I never would have left in the first place. When I first began with the RPC, I was extremely polite and kind with North. That behavior lasted up until the past few months.)

This is the final conversation that broke my patience and kindness:

STUDENT 1: Hi I have just started Business and am greatly enjoying it. Thanks Mr. North for the wonderful course. I have a few questions about the lessons and assignments however.

In Lesson 12 below the videos, you state this: For the next lesson, make a list of three things: “How will I add value that is worth paying for in 2030?”. What exactly are you trying to say? How will I make people want to pay me for something that robots can’t do? If you could clarify this I would appreciate it so I can do the assignment with a clear vision for what I have to do.

Then in Lesson 18, I feel that you are telling us to make a goal list for our life but I can’t quite tell. Is there something I missed that tells us straightforwardly that we should?

Finally in Lesson 19, you tell us: For tomorrow’s lesson, you will be required to write an essay on the program you selected, and why. Then in Lesson 20, you say: No writing assignment. What are we meant to do? If you didn’t contradict yourself it would help a lot.

Thanks for everything. I really appreciate this course and am trying to get the most out of it as I want to start a business myself.

STUDENT 1 (after no response): What I am trying to ask is if you could clearly write out the essays and assignments you want us to do on each lesson. Thanks again for the wonderful course!

GARY NORTH: Are others confused?

If so, suggest new instructions.

STUDENT 1: Would you just be able to answer my question? I would greatly appreciate that instead of you just making your own question for other students. Thanks.

GARY NORTH: There is an old rule: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I think you are needlessly confused. If I change the wording, others will be needlessly confused.

I want to see if others are confused.

STUDENT 2: Hi Paul (that’s your name right? 🙂 ),

It can get a little confusing, but here’s what I did:

1. I made my own opinion about how I think robots couldn’t replace us. You will write an essay on this for lesson 15 (I think), so that’s the purpose of the question. Here’s my essay:

So, I believe what Dr. North wants is that we develop our opinions on the subject.

2. I believe Dr. North’s main purpose in posing all these questions, etc…is more than to have us make an actual list (although that’s really good) is to start thinking about this and make it part of our lives.

3. This last part is a bit confusing. I think Dr. North changed this since I did it because I had to write an essay on it, and then another the next week. (Here are my business essays: )

So, I don’t know what you should do, other than just follow the instruction to the letter, or else write the essay anyway. 🙂

I hope this helps,

ME: Dr. North: Yes, this is confusing. You were being inconsistent with your work/essay requests. If you typically place all requirements above the videos in text, and then you request some things verbally but do not include them with the rest of the assignments it gets confusing.
(To student 1) Unfortunately, I suggest you get used to the absence of direct answers. Dr. North (from my experience) will only answer questions with questions, and call upon other students in the process. While this seems to be his attempt at forced student to student problem solving, it does not fix the root issue. For example, in this situation another student helped you decide what to do, but the clarity of Dr. North’s request has not been improved, only avoided. The symptoms of the issue (confusion) were remedied, however the issue itself (Dr. North’s clarity and consistency) has not been resolved.

Good Luck!

STUDENT 3: I have found a few assignments confusing. Especially on Lesson 19 and 20. You mention out assignment for lesson 20 and in lesson 20 you say we have no assignment. The course is great though!

ME: Dr. North, now that we have established that it is in fact “broke”, and that this students confusion was not “needless”, are you planning on fixing these issues?

GARY NORTH: You fix them. Then get agreement from the others.

Then I will post your jointly agreed-on recommendation.


ME: Considering we all pay you good money for a quality education, I feel that you should be the one to fix your own mistakes. Do not volunteer for a position you will not completely fill. Take some responsibility and use the advice we have all provided here.

As per your request, I stated earlier that I believe all of the assignments and requirements should be in one place: above the videos in text. It seems that other students would want this too because the widespread confusion came entirely from your inconsistent tactics.

It is not the job of the students to clean up your messes, Dr. North. You asked if other students were confused in order to avoid fixing your issues. When it was confirmed that yes, other students were confused as well, you then dodged responsibility once again. This is seemingly consistent behavior on your behalf.

You had two options here. One: take the easy route, shift responsibility onto the students (customers) and lazily avoid fixing the problem. Or, two: take the constructive criticism that you specifically asked for, use it and learn how to be a better teacher from the whole experience. You chose option number one. That is on you, Dr. North. Not us.

(At this point, I was KICKED OUT of the curriculum. My subscription was cancelled mid-year. I was not the most polite student here, but I was also not wrong; I took it upon myself to speak to North like he has spoken to me and others. In a curriculum based on personal responsibility, you’d think that North would own up to his issues.)

GARY NORTH: Sorry, but I have not understood what the problem is.

If one person is confused, and I have no idea what the student is talking about, then I want confirmation from others.

I have understood none of the criticisms. So, a group solution is called for. If I fix what I do not know is the matter, I am like to make it worse.

There is a rule: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I do not want to break it for others by trying to fix it before I understand it.

Group knowledge is usually a good way to deal with an imperfection. Committees are not creative, but they are a good way to prevent or repair mistakes that affect a group.

Now, group, please spell out in detail what you think is wrong. I want (1) agreement on what is wrong; (2) a suggested solution.

I want to make sure that everyone agrees on the solution before I implement it.

GARY NORTH: I wish to respond to Camillie.

She writes: “Considering we all pay you good money for a quality education, I feel that you should be the one to fix your own mistakes. Do not volunteer for a position you will not completely fill. Take some responsibility and use the advice we have all provided here.”

Who is “we”? Your parents pay. You do not. The Ron Paul Curriculum has a contract with legal adults. Minors are not legally allowed to make contracts.

She writes: “As per your request, I stated earlier that I believe all of the assignments and requirements should be in one place: above the videos in text. It seems that other students would want this too because the widespread confusion came entirely from your inconsistent tactics.”

If there are examples of this, let me know. I fixed the one example I was given. I said so. Then she posted her complaint.

She writes: “It is not the job of the students to clean up your messes, Dr. North. You asked if other students were confused in order to avoid fixing your issues. When it was confirmed that yes, other students were confused as well, you then dodged responsibility once again. This is seemingly consistent behavior on your behalf.”

She is disrespectful of authority.

She writes: “You had two options here. One: take the easy route, shift responsibility onto the students (customers) and lazily avoid fixing the problem. Or, two: take the constructive criticism that you specifically asked for, use it and learn how to be a better teacher from the whole experience. You chose option number one. That is on you, Dr. North. Not us.”

She was incorrect. I had a third option. I cancelled her parents’ subscription to this site. She is now locked out. She will remain locked out. Her parents will have to find a different curriculum for her. I will give her parents a full refund, of course. I have told her that they must contact me by email for an explanation. I will provide this by sending them her comments. They will see what tone she adopted.

There is a biblical principle: count the costs before you take action (Luke 14:28-30).

Be very careful when challenging someone in authority. He may have more options that you have thought about.

A word to the wise is sufficient.


Gary North was in violation of a contract between himself and my grandmother; that is why he offered a refund. (He was also wrong about the money, I did help pay for my own schooling.) What he failed to mention to the other students after kicking me out was the fact that he offered me my membership back ONLY IF I never posted on the forums, and if I agreed never to write about the Ron Paul Curriculum on my blog or elsewhere. He also took it upon himself to make a new username and password for me should I decide to come back. The username was Humble and the password was Self-Restraint2016. (He really loves public humiliation as we have already covered.) I chose to retain my right to free speech and share my experiences with others. My personal experience is the most important thing to me regarding the situation now, and the fact that he attempted to silence me makes me feel that I should be speaking out even more!

Besides his social behavior, I also began having issues with his economics and his business courses. Towards the end half of the courses (and throughout other courses as well), our assignments were solely written for the purpose of promoting the RPC. Each week, we were instructed to write a specific number of good things about the RPC. Believe it or not, for a 10 day session in business, North even had another teacher do special instruction lessons on how to buy a domain name and run a website. We were expected to pay around $100-$200 to buy a domain name, and pay to run our own website in promotion of the RPC. We were supposed to sign up as affiliates with the RPC and when we got another person to join he would pay us. This was explicitly stated, not implied; as a student I was nothing more than free advertising to Dr. North, and it became more and more clear every week. I had already been creating alternative assignments for myself because I was so uncomfortable with how I was being used when this assignment rolled around. (Many RPC-promotion assignments can be found in my Business 1 course category, but keep in mind I refused to do many.)

The RPC is not about you. It is not about your children or your family. It is about Gary North. He constantly assigns articles he wrote himself, requires us to watch his own speeches, etc. As unfortunate as it may be, Gary North is the only instructor in the RPC I would not recommend for anyone, under any circumstances. I loved every other instructor and never had a single issue with anyone else.

Gary North is an egotistical man of self-preservation and promotion. He has put himself on a pedestal so far above the rest of us that the education of your children is one of his last priorities with the Ron Paul Curriculum. If you want true education, I am sorry to say go elsewhere. The only other option I would recommend would be to get courses released by people other than North (ex: Personal Finance, Govt 1A & B, Algebra, Western Civ, Public Speaking, etc.)

Good luck homeschoolers, and do not be discouraged! Although this experience was nothing like I expected, I still learned a lot from it. I have no regrets. I wish you all the best in your curriculum hunts! I hope I was able to shed some light on the truth of the Ron Paul Curriculum for you.

If anyone has any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to comment!


God Bless,


(L150) We Were Not Raised to Be Leaders

Big actors, singers, performers, etc. are typically (publically) biased against capitalism. In my opinion, this more likely than not has a great deal to do with the people at the very top of the entertainment food chain who are controlling who truly does become famous, and who does not. In the opinion of Gary North however, the chance that guilt has a role to play could also be an option to explore. He states that the fans are the ones who truly make normal people into widely known stars. According to his logic, since famous people do not consider the fans or their talents as the root of their success, they actually develop guilt about their lavish lifestyles. In turn, they begin to support socialist/communist models of society; in order to ease their success guilt, they support routes of life that are equal for everyone.

The reason that I do not support the “guilt” solution is because of everything I have seen happen in the entertainment industry throughout my life. To believe that fans are the sole source of success would be naïve, especially considering the blatant one-world, universal control agendas propagated through actors and singers today. I do believe that actors feel guilt, and maybe even shame for their success, but it has nothing to do with wanting things to be equal for them and their fans. Wildly famous people are not idolized for their talents; the masses have just been so conditioned to follow and flock that they cannot see the truth of the matter: souls have been sold and strict orders are being followed. Should someone famous break this mold, they will disappear without a doubt. Fame comes from the devil; the fans just follow. It is my understanding that fame does not come from a capitalistic economic model, which is why I cannot point the finger at guilt.

I believe that the reason people are okay with the riches of the famous and not the riches of businessmen is because they idolize singers and actors. Children are raised to put pictures on their walls of the voices they love to hear, rather than the minds they admire. They grow into teenagers who obsess, cry and fight over the ability to be in the presence of these famous people; but never would they pay to see a successful entrepreneur. By the time they become adults, they are so conditioned to follow the entertainment industry’s every instruction on how to dress, what to listen to and what to say that they have been bought for life. We are not raised to support successful business owners. We are not raised to admire those rich in knowledge. But we are raised to fall to our knees at the command of our favorite corporate artist. We are raised to be followers, not leaders; and this is why a businessman’s success will never be glorified in society today, but rather seen as greed.