(L45) The Lion & The Mouse: Aesop’s Fable

This is my fifth speech, and it covers an Aesop’s Fable known as The Lion and The Mouse. This was the first time I have ever retold someone else’s story, rather than telling a speech I had written myself. I was also tasked with including movement, and grand gestures. Because of this, my sentences became incomplete, and I tended to use the word “and” a lot, no matter how many times I re-did my speech.
I could always use constructive criticism or tips that anyone has to offer! Be sure to comment, like and share if you feel so compelled.
Thanks so much for listening, and God Bless.

(L40) Fallacies of Homeschooling

This is my fourth speech for the public speaking course of the Ron Paul Curriculum, and I decided to cover some of the fallacies of homeschooling. It would literally take me years to cover them all, so I chose only four. Each quote I have chosen is something that has been said to me personally, and I am sure a lot of you have heard them too!
If there are any things that you guys would like to add, please comment! I love to hear about others’ experiences. Thanks for listening and¬†please be sure to like, comment and share! If there are any topics you guys would like to hear me talk about, tell me! I would be thrilled to take requests. God Bless!

(L30) Learning Through Experience! Homeschool Vs. Public School (Through My Average Day)

This is my second speech for the Public Speaking course of the Ron Paul Curriculum. It focuses on learning through experience, and what my average day looks like as a homeschooler.
Unfortunately, I did end up speaking a bit faster than I would have liked, and I will have to work on that for my future speeches. I also went slightly over my projected time limit, which I will have to be more conscious of next time as well.
We also got an unplanned guest appearance/disruption from my kitten Rocky (yes, like Balboa)!
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