(L30) Do You Have What It Takes?

When asked the question of whether or not I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur, I can surely answer yes! I know that I have what it takes because just last year (my junior year), I started my own dog walking and pet sitting business. I serviced myself to my neighbors because I was living in an apartment that was animal friendly, and many dog owners had to leave during the day to go to work. I had multiple clients, and business spread mostly through word of mouth. I made up colorful and informative flyers that would catch peoples eyes as they were leaving the parking lots and getting their mail, and introduced myself to other dog owners when I was out walking dogs. As business picked up, I also began making and selling different types of dog treats, and giving them out to neighbors with my name and business information on them to reel in more clients. Being an entrepreneur takes perseverance, creativity, and interaction skills. It also involves budgeting both time and money. These were things I knew when I began, but learned much more about through experience.