(L40) Budgeting & Saving

What would I have to give up in order to save 10% of my income?

In order to be able to save 10% of my income, I would probably have to give up eating outside of the house. I often find myself grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat while running errands; however I never stop to think about how much it all adds up. I do save a good amount of my income, but to save 10%, food would be the greatest expense I could sacrifice. There is nothing wrong with grocery shopping to have meals at home everyday, and I have mastered coupons and thrift – even when it comes to the grocery store.

My current challenge is not only to cut this spending, but also to track it when (and if) I do slip up and get a delicious pumpkin frappe. I challenge you to do the same; pinpoint your biggest category of unnecessary spending, track it, and then desert it. Best of luck to you, (and to me)!