He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune (L85)

Is there a difference between state-subsidized churches and state-subsidized schools?

In the grand scheme of things, there are really no differences between any two state-subsidized buildings. He who pays the piper calls the tune, and rest assured that the government is not paying for anything that doesn’t support their agenda 100%. Money is only handed out according to rules and regulations. So, despite the fact that one building supposedly teaches religion and the other supposedly offers education, they are both calling people to commit to the same authority figure because they are both trying to meet, in essence, the same state regulated requirements. From both buildings comes the very same bought-and-paid-for lesson, wrapped in two different cloaks.

State Subsidies (L30)

Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control?

To be blunt, there is absolutely no way for state subsidies to exist without state control. The government should under no circumstances hand out money without “strings” or regulations, because this leads to the abuse of handouts. The welfare state offers one of the best explanations of this in today’s society; it is funded by the plundering of those not receiving such help, and heavily promotes dependence on the state by welfare recipients. It is not considered particularly difficult to become a recipient of government aid in the United States; the welfare state is largely abused and encourages paternalism. The government uses coercion to control the wealth of the United States by means of redistribution. Without this control, there would be no money to fund any state subsidies. Rather, a community of cooperation and charities; people with more of their own money will be more apt to help others. In today’s society one encounters money handouts in thousands of government programs; likewise, as of 2014 taxes are up 42% since last year. Although many people seem to benefit from the plundering of others, they, in reality, are just making themselves wards of the state through dependence. No man wins under state control or coercion.