(L105) Reason-Why Advertising

craigslist ad.PNG

Pictured above is my first go at a craigslist ad (for my laptop). I decided to keep it short, sweet and enticing. First, I listed all of the advantages of this product. Then, I reasserted the idea that this would be a good buy by offering additional services such as delivery, and price cuts. I offered a good product at a fair price paired with flexibility and great customer service. This was an attempt to guarantee both a sale, and a happy willing-to-return customer.

I could have chosen to ramble on with opinionated descriptions, however I found it most effective to give the facts and advantages, and leave the rest to the consumer. I was also adamant that the more service I was able to pair with the product for sale, the better. (This included the ability to barter.)

I decided not to leave the ad up. Mostly just because I was not actually selling the laptop and there was no use in wasting other people’s time. However, had it remained active, I am most certain I would have gotten some offers.

(L65) Some Answers Must Wait

I will sell my business when it makes a profit of [$??] a year, so that I can [??].

There are a few reasons why I cannot yet accurately provide an answer to this question.

The first being the fact that, I have no idea how much money I would be putting into this particular business to get it started. Would it be out of pocket, or from loans? How much money will I have ultimately paid in interest on those loans?

The second reason being that if my business is doing good enough to sell, that may just be all the reason in the world NOT to sell it! After all the hard work, sweat, and tears, I am just going to sell the polished business? I don’t think so! I will make more money owning the business myself than I will selling it. However, when it is time for me to retire and my days are almost done, it is more likely than not that I would pass this business in my family. This business is my legacy, and I will only leave it in the hands of those I most trust to upkeep my morals and standards within it.

There are plenty of reasons to sell a business, and while I cannot predict the future, I can be nearly sure that something I pour my lifeblood into will not so easily be bought.