(L105) Reason-Why Advertising

craigslist ad.PNG

Pictured above is my first go at a craigslist ad (for my laptop). I decided to keep it short, sweet and enticing. First, I listed all of the advantages of this product. Then, I reasserted the idea that this would be a good buy by offering additional services such as delivery, and price cuts. I offered a good product at a fair price paired with flexibility and great customer service. This was an attempt to guarantee both a sale, and a happy willing-to-return customer.

I could have chosen to ramble on with opinionated descriptions, however I found it most effective to give the facts and advantages, and leave the rest to the consumer. I was also adamant that the more service I was able to pair with the product for sale, the better. (This included the ability to barter.)

I decided not to leave the ad up. Mostly just because I was not actually selling the laptop and there was no use in wasting other people’s time. However, had it remained active, I am most certain I would have gotten some offers.