(L60) Made In China: American Monopolies

Would you pay 20% more to shop at a store that sells only American-made goods?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what the product I am in search of is. If I am looking to buy baby toys including things that are going to be chewed on etc., I am going to be very particular about the ingredients. If I can find a cheaper overseas product with ingredients just as safe as the ones I can find onshore, then it will come down to price. However in general, I believe that borders around our states and countries are just imaginary lines. I feel no need to shop exclusively for American products, seeing as how the only reason I am paying more in America is because of government exclusion and tariffs restricting overseas trade. The lack of products coming in from foreigners creates the ability for American producers to jack up their prices. This is a monopoly granted to American producers in relation to certain products; I do not chose to support government monopolies when I have other options available.

In short, if I can find what I want/need for a price that I like, I am going to buy it; regardless of who it comes from.