(L100) Income Redistribution

“Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?”

It would be nothing less than immoral for a teacher to assign grades in accordance with equality, rather than true individual scores. The reason that giving every student a C (for example) would be wrong, is that every student did not earn a C. Some students earned a much higher grade, and are being punished (receiving negative sanctions) because of those who did not score as high as they did. Others however scored lower than a C, and are being rewarded (receiving positive sanctions) for doing worse than the other students. While obviously far from fair, this system cannot even be chalked up to being remotely positive as it rewards the underachievers and punishes the successors.

The only way to fairly award grades to students would be to grant them the exact grade that they earned. Each student, regardless of each others score’s, would have to reap the rewards or consequences of the grade that the results of their test’s warranted. (Now, yes, I do recognize the flaws in standardized testing, and I understand that many students fail not due to effort exerted, but because of the fact that they are being forced to learn in a way that they do not understand. In this example however, I am referring to an imaginary class of students, all of equal learning ability who have either scored higher or lower based upon the effort they put into studying and learning the test material. In short, this would mean that it would take every student the same amount of time to learn the same amount of information; thus, every student gets the grade that they worked for and can all be graded using the same scale.)

In both the academic and career worlds, people (should) get what they work for. I personally work my little butt off to earn an income that can support my needs, and to be stolen from is heartbreaking. Now, when I speak of being robbed, I am not talking about a masked purse-snatcher assaulting me on the street. No. I am speaking directly about your friendly neighborhood politician; I am talking about his superior, and the man in charge of him too. Every single hard working American is robbed at gunpoint on a daily basis, but does it hurt you the way the plain-sight bandit does? Would you cry the same, or file a report with the police the very same? Do you even notice?

More often than not, these questions are answered with a simple no. Sometimes however, these practices are even encouraged with phrases resembling, “I am just doing my part” or “it’s for the greater good”. So what exactly is the greater good and who is the authority on such? In my opinion, the greater good is to “love thy neighbor” and the overall authority is God. What I do know however is that funding the lives of lazy, alcoholic, drug using, and/or jobless adults and their offspring with stolen money is not the greater good. Welfare programs not only theoretically encourage mooching and joblessness, but have been proven to increase poverty levels throughout the United States. It also has been shown to destroy marriages, reduce the likelihood of a welfare child having a successful future, and increase mental health and home abuse issues.

Why should somebody be granted what another person earned at the threat of force and violence? Would God believe that this is the greater good? Did God say that “thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote”? Absolutely not. God said to help those around you, he said to be generous and love every man. I believe that there are people out there that do truly need help, but I do not believe that coercion and theft are the ways to help them! Allow people to keep that which is theirs; their income in full. Encourage one another to share, trade and lend a helping hand. Charity has changed hundreds of thousands of lives already, and I don’t believe that the power in giving is lost. We can make a difference, even as one person. We can reduce poverty, mental illness and spousal/child abuse. We can build communities that revolve around charitable action and helping rehabilitate people; but first, we must stand up against being forced to enable these things with our own weekly paychecks.

Theft is immoral whether you wear a business suit or a hoodie. It hurts the lives of people on both the receiving and the losing ends.

Government Regulation & Interest Rates (L55)

Government regulation is law, (or laws) that dictate how a business is allowed operate. Implementing each and every one of these regulations costs money; millions and millions of dollars of it. When the government gets low on funds, they have a few options – all immoral and coercive, but options none the less. The most commonly chosen of which would be to rack up taxes; so not only are needlessly restrictive regulations being forced upon every business, but the money stolen from that very same businesses’ employees is being used to fund this very demise.
Interest rates are the outcome of market supply and demand; they display and guide producers as well as consumers. However in a government regulated market, there are false interest rates due to price floors and ceilings. The federal funds rate distorts market outcomes, and between the buying and selling of securities, bank interest rates can be forced both up and down.
In short, all government regulation screws with the market. All government regulation is deceiving and distorting of true market statistics.
One regulation in particular that I thought was quite a gem came about in January of 2010. Being a Massachusetts native myself, I was intrigued and saddened. “New Tooth Brushing Regulations to Take Affect.” Really? Come on… The regulation states that any child who consumes a meal (or spends more than 4 hours) in daycare is mandated to brush their teeth (although parents can opt out of this). Now, I know what you’re thinking- there’s worse things out there that the government is doing, why is this suddenly so concerning? Well, the answer is found directly in the ingredients of this recipe for disaster; fluoride. Not only has this wrongfully branded neurotoxin been found to have negative and harmful affects on the body when ingested or applied topically, but it has also been linked to lower IQ’s in children, and even brain damage. According to an interview with worker Nicole Chan at a Needham, MA daycare center, “We’re providing the toothbrushes, the holders, the cases and the toothpastes, as well,” which guarantees folks, that fluoride is included in your child’s state mandated health package. Dr. Maria Georgaklis, a pediatric dentist who works at Cleveland Circle Dental Associates says “parents should embrace the regulations” (WCVB). We the government as a coercive and violent organization believe we can raise your children better than you can; embrace that. We are going to pump your children full of fluoride contaminated water and deplete their IQ’s starting as a toddler by brushing their teeth with fluoride every day in school. Embrace it, because one day you’ll be so brainwashed that you won’t have to – you’ll be it.  

Consider where your money goes each month when it’s torn from your paycheck. Consider what is causing market rate drops and skyrockets. Consider what is going into your body and that of those you’re responsible for. Do not blindly follow anything, or anyone; and do not compromise your life, liberty, (property) or pursuit of happiness, ever.


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