(L50) Why Abortion is an Atrocity

This is my sixth essay for the Public Speaking course of the Ron Paul Curriculum. This was the first video that I actually did not rehearse or write before speaking and posting. I did one run through and then this video. It is more emotionally fueled than most of my videos which I tend to try and avoid, BUT that being said, I offered plenty of facts to back up my emotions.
The information I used was taken from a multitude of sources, and some of the information did come from past knowledge. The websites that I directly quoted or used statistics from were:





As always, like comment and share! Thank you sonyafaith16 for the topic suggestion and if you, or anyone else has anything they would like to hear me speak about please let me know!!

Thanks for listening. God Bless!

9 thoughts on “(L50) Why Abortion is an Atrocity

  1. Thank you for taking my suggestion!, I think you did awesome, and don’t worry if you got more emotionally fueled than you usually do because I can tell that you felt really strong about this. I hope that when people see this they will realize how cruel it really is. I actually found out about this when I was adopted by my family because I wanted something that was made by Pepsi co. and my dad said that we don’t support them because they support Plan Parent Hood and the abortion industry.Because Pepsi works with this other company to test their products on aborted fetuses. Some big products are Doritos, Lays, Ruffles, Lipton Tea, and the oatmeal Quaker.

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  2. I also think that since you are doing things with the government you could look up The American Heritage Series with historian David Barton. Its talking about our founding fathers being Christians and how America was planted to be a nation for God, because our founders came here to have religious freedom.


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