(L45) The Lion & The Mouse: Aesop’s Fable

This is my fifth speech, and it covers an Aesop’s Fable known as The Lion and The Mouse. This was the first time I have ever retold someone else’s story, rather than telling a speech I had written myself. I was also tasked with including movement, and grand gestures. Because of this, my sentences became incomplete, and I tended to use the word “and” a lot, no matter how many times I re-did my speech.
I could always use constructive criticism or tips that anyone has to offer! Be sure to comment, like and share if you feel so compelled.
Thanks so much for listening, and God Bless.

4 thoughts on “(L45) The Lion & The Mouse: Aesop’s Fable

  1. I think you did very good on your story! After I watched your lion and mouse video I saw your My life video. I just want to say that God has blessed you very much in your life and I know that I don’t personally know you but it just makes me happy when people go through a hardship and the outcome is God! May God bless you more in your future 🙂

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