(L25) My Life (My First Speech)!

This is my very first speech for the RPC Public Speaking class, and I worked very hard on it. At times I did get jumbled and repetitive, but practice will make perfect; we all have to start somewhere! I would really appreciate constructive criticism or comments of any kind, thanks!

7 thoughts on “(L25) My Life (My First Speech)!

  1. Your speech was nice and both inspirational and motivating. It was nice having pictures to give visuals. I as one who tends to be a critic at times has nothing bad to say, as you wrote and said maybe just organize the speech a little more. Over it was good.

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    • Thank you so much! It means a lot; this was hard for me to write at first (not physically, but emotionally) and I was anxious about what people would think. I have gotten so much positive feedback and I am really excited to continue my speeches for this course. I have an unexpected new found confidence after posting my first speech! Again, thank you!

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  2. I think your life is one of those that inspire others to never give up and pursue for the best. God is so good and gracious that He always looks for those in need. The Bible says that even if your mother or father may leave you, He will not leave you. Psalm 27:10

    I encourage you to keep seeking Him more than ever! I’m glad you found an answer, and I am also sure that if you continue the journey with God you will find more answers to many questions. What the pastor said is very true. It is our response to events that forms our life.

    It was a good speech! Maybe a bit more light next time would be better. 🙂

    P.S: Here is a link to a site I would like to share with you. It has been a great blessing for my life, and I am sure that it will be for yours too! http://frequenciesofglorytv.com/

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  3. That means a whole lot to me, thank you so much ❤
    I really hope I can help others who had situations like mine, and you are absolutely right about God never leaving us; he has always been a great parent and protector of me, even before I knew it!
    I will check out that website now, thank you for sharing.
    I have trouble getting light in this room, I know it is dark though I will work on that for sure!


  4. Good luck with your continuing education Lil. I came across your blog by chance; it was referenced on Gary North’s website.
    As a 17 year old you have a whole future ahead of you. From grainy picture it looks like Carmine is an older man. If so, take it slow…at least wait til you’re 18 before deciding your future. All the best.


    • He is only 20 haha it’s a small age difference. It was honestly the Hand of God that brought us together, it was unexpected and quite surprising through the entire journey but I have never been happier in my life. We are getting married in October of 2016, (I will be 18 he will be 21).
      I’m so happy you found my blog through a reference on Gary North’s website! It is an honor to have him share my work. Be sure to check out some of my other postings too, I love the input.


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