(L10) The Secret of Selling Anything: Harry Browne

What is the #1 task of a salesman, according to Browne? Why?

According to author Harry Browne, the number one task of a salesman is to discover the motivation of the buyer, and appeal to his needs as best you can. Browne argued that no one man could motivate another (to do anything at all) that he does not want to do already. The reason for this is that each man already has his own motivations set in his mind. The task of the salesman is simply to ask questions, and listen intently, before he even begins to pitch a product. Once a salesman thinks he may know the buyers motivation, he should summarize it; once he confirms from the buyer that he understands the issues (motivations), he may then pitch his product, or conclude that his products will not meet the buyers needs. Browne also believed that a successful salesman would only try to sell the client what he actually wants! If the salesman cannot help, he should be honest, and refer the client to another product that will meet his needs. This honesty is hard to come by nowadays from salesman, and it will ensure you get in the door the next time you have a product to present. (Most money is made on the second, third and even fourth sales; ensuring repeated service from a buyer will guarantee you success.)


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