How My Life Plans Have Changed in the Past 6 Months (L135)

This week a video option was offered, rather than a written essay. Although I could not directly upload the video onto this post, the private link below will bring you my video response for this lesson. 

How My Life Plans Have Changed With The RPC’s Personal Finance Course

I should have been more clear in my distinction between public school future outlook and RPC future outlook; whereas public schooling idolized college, RPC offered many, many healthy and successful alternatives. This was where I got the idea to attend a vocational school rather than a traditional college. I also have many entrepreneurial ideas (sparked by all the encouragement to make-your-own-job from the RPC), including organic and natural skincare products and makeups. I have chosen an independent and rigorous route to adulthood and success, but this is a healthy route for me, and will result in a lifelong career that I enjoy. 


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