“If You Chose to go to College…” (L130)

If you chose to go to college, what would be a short list of majors you’d consider?

From a young age I was forced into adulthood; eventually, I became more of a parentified child. Now, well into my teenage years, as independent as I am, it is time to really learn to be an adult. I’m talking about choosing a career, and a school; applying for scholarships and looking into payment plan options. I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to plan as efficiently for my future, had I not had (Timothy Terrell’s) Mr.Terrell’s Personal Finance course.
I am nearing the end of my Junior year, and have decided to get my estheticians license. I will be attending a vocational school, (probably while I finish my senior year) for a 400 hour course.
However, if I were going to a traditional college, I would go to be an animal physical therapist, not a doubt in my mind. I love animals and think I would be really good at it – but school takes years and lots of money; it isn’t the best option for me right now. Helping people is the only thing I love just as much as helping animals; skincare and truly healthy products is right where I belong! I will be good at it, and I will enjoy it. Not to mention the healthy income it brings.

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