Junior Paper 2015 (L110) ROUGH DRAFT (INCOMPLETE)

Please keep in mind while reviewing this piece, that it does belong somewhere in the middle of my essay. As of this week, the outline was due, but I have already completed about 1,000 words of the paper and decided to post the incomplete fraction. I chose two different books to support my thesis, Macbeth being one of them. I find I write best when I am mentally comfortable, and for me this means going out of order. Sometimes things don’t fit and I move them around, sometimes I delete sentences altogether. This is my first rough draft on the sections of my essay pertaining to Macbeth. I will continue to construct it into a more fitting essay form once everything has been compiled. This piece is lacking an introduction, and a conclusion, as well as the sections pertaining to the other book. It is incomplete, but it is a start; feedback is more than welcomed, I would love to begin shaping this up before it is even finished. Thank you for all your input, patience and understanding – I understand that this is somewhat awkward to read in its current form. 

How important has the theme of optimism been in the development of western literature since 1493?

 Lillian’s Junior Paper

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