Learning to Love from Hand2Paw (L120)

Rachel Cohen, the founder of the nonprofit Hand2Paw foundation is a 24 year old Penn graduate who grew up with great dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. During her time as a student at University of Pennsylvania she volunteered with PAWS, and while working with animals an idea was sparked not only in her brain, but in her heart. Cohen’s journey began one frigid Philadelphia day as the winter wind blew sharp and unforgiving; she had come across a group of teens seeking refuge under the Grays Ferry Bridge. The young adults clutched their pit bulls for warmth and huddled closely for salvation. Having befriended the group, she inquired into the depths of how their situation came about. The teens, knowing nothing but the unconditional love of their pitties, remained on the streets for fear of relinquishing their family in order to receive shelter; giving up the dogs was not an option, and homeless but loved they remained. Thus Hand2Paw was born, with the hope of uniting homeless humans and animals all across the state. Cohen’s foundation offers volunteer work with a safe environment, as well as paid internships for more determined teens. Not only has she created a home for countless neglected animals, but also a home for the hundreds of neglected teens who just want someone to love, and to be loved in return. Providing top notch medical care and living conditions for the rescued animals, as well as teaching both life skills and compassion, Cohen has built unbreakable relationships between man and animal; relationships that will last lifetimes past hers, and continue to benefit generation after generation of underprivileged lives.




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