Life Plans & Career Paths (L110)

I am currently a junior in highschool, and next year I will be a homeschool graduate of the class of 2016! The creeping closer of graduation has been completely perspective changing, and has really pushed me to start setting up goals for myself. Not the type of goals you forgot about from new years, or the type of goals that you put dates on; the type of goals that change your life! College, moving, jobs…the world as I know it is over, and that, for once, is a beautiful thing. Having experienced both public schools and homeschooling has opened up my eyes, and given me opportunities I would have never dreamed of otherwise. Knowing how I learn and being able to better develop myself in a welcoming and safe environment gave me the chance to accept that “normal” (government funded) education IS NOT how I learn best. It also helped me choose a good career path for myself.
It would be a dream come true one day to be an animal physical therapist, or an animal assisted children’s therapist. I want to help people one day, and I think that is what I’m really good at. Right now however, this just isn’t practical for me. I don’t want to spend my life in debt, and I don’t even have a dime saved away for college. I have decided that at the end of this year, I am going to move across the country to Florida. My soulmate Carmine is moving back with his parents to go to college, and I know I am supposed to be on this path with him. I am going to complete my senior year of homeschooling in Bonita Springs, and then I will go on to become a certified cosmologist or an esthetician. I enjoy skin/makeup a lot more than hair so I am leaning more towards becoming an esthetician. The typical 4 year, sit-down, shut-up and take notes approach will never be the way I retain things, so I have learned to embrace that. Once I was able to welcome my different style of learning, I was able to learn SO MUCH MORE! I found out how to enjoy my education, and now I will never go back to the ways I ‘learned’ before; this is why I decided a hands-on-learning trade will be best for me.


3 thoughts on “Life Plans & Career Paths (L110)

  1. I recently moved from Estero, Florida to Texas. Estero is right next to Bonita Springs (Estero is sometimes considered Bonita). Anyway, the Bonita springs area is awesome and the beaches are beautiful!! 😀


    • They really are! White sands, warm water..nothing like the icy ocean water I’m used to swimming in! Carmine and I flew down over thanksgiving break and it was amazing. I love the little anoles everywhere, I kept catching them 🙂 The humidity might get to me but I’ll learn the ropes

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