Satan’s Rebellion (L65)

After Satan’s rebellion, Satan was motivated more by his envy of God than his jealousy of God: true or false?

Following Satan’s rebellion, his motivation to do bad was fueled purely by envy, and not jealousy. This is true because, Satan was never making decisions to allow himself God’s position; he did not want what God had, that would have been jealousy. Rather, he simply did not want God to have the throne, and power that he possessed. He decided to use the humans as a way to hurt God because he was envious; if he had been jealous he would have gone directly for the power of God’s kingdom.

3 thoughts on “Satan’s Rebellion (L65)

  1. I think he was both, because you also see that Satan wanted to be like God.. that is why he influenced one third of the angels who later became fallen angels, in order for them to worship Satan.
    Also, he used that same lie with Eve when she ate from the friut of the tree of good and evil “you will be like God” The only reason why he didn’t go directly for the power of God’s Kingdom is because he didn’t have the power to do it… that’s just my point of view… but good job, you write well! 🙂


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