My Small Business: A Sole Proprietorship (L80)

The reason I have chosen to run my dog walking business Love-On-Four-Legs as a sole proprietorship is because, first of all, this is not a legal entity. It is the simplest form of business one can create; since my job is so small and simple, I don’t need to buy many supplies, and there is no reason for me to go through with making a company bank account, or hiring employees. I am the only one who interacts with the animals I walk/babysit, and I accept full responsibility and liability. I also am the one who makes, and bakes the treats, as well as being the person to distribute them. My boyfriend Carmine allows me to use his address (for my business) and he also allows me to use his kitchen. I do not plan on making a career out of this business, because dog walking simply isn’t how to make a good living. However, this whole experience has been more than enriching – between meeting new people and animals, making friendships that last beyond work, and being able to spend time outside socializing in the neighborhood. It has all been just beautiful, and I have had so much help along the way from friends and family. In time, I have a feeling this will become more of a hobby than a job, but the small income helps for the time being, and it is a good place for any young entrepreneur to start!


2 thoughts on “My Small Business: A Sole Proprietorship (L80)

  1. I think filing as a sole proprietor was certainly the way to go in your case. I wonder though if one of the dogs bites someone can that person sue you or your parents for damages? Could they sue the dog owner? I am not an attorney or an insurance agent so I am not sure. As you learn about running a business, you will find that insurance is an expensive necessity. Just something to think about.

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    • I am not ever really in a situation where the dogs I walk could bite someone else, (I have only ever had very friendly clients) but if I was, it would depend on the situation. If something happened where a dog I was walking bit another person, it would technically be my fault because the animal was in my care at the time, however the dog would be punished for it (legally). If it was an altercation with another dog it would only be my fault if I allowed the dog to be off leash or get to the other dog in any way. Otherwise it would be the fault of the other owner.


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