Francis Bacon: Persuasion Power of the Essay (L60)

Would any of Bacon’s essays have been more persuasive if he had talked about his own experiences? Which ones? Why?

I believe that personal experience, while being a strong testimony, isn’t everything. People all experience things differently, and one person may get different results than another when attempting to accomplish the same goal.
That being said, I do believe that had Bacon included more personal experience into his essay Of Expense, he would have been able to build a stronger case for his argument. What he stated in this essay, while being true, lacked ability to stand it’s own ground; he didn’t include explicit proof, which he could have, considering his past mistakes. He could have taken this as a chance to provide heart-panging recollection of the ties to money and reputation. More specifically, the deterioration of reputation once one has abused power, money, and the power of money; taking bribes, offering bribes, and bringing debt upon ones self. Providing personal testimony of indulging in the abuses of power would have sent a much stronger and lasting warning to the reader.


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