My Small Business: Love-On-Four-Legs (L65)

LOGOIn August of 2014 my boyfriend moved into a group of apartment complexes (not far from where I live) that are extremely dog friendly. And I, being a huge dog lover, (and an animal lover in general really) saw this as a great opportunity for me to both make some quick cash, and also get my pet fix (seeing as how I cannot have a dog at the moment). By December I had decided to move forward with my small business. First, I had to make up a logo; I did this using a poster making program that was free on Google. I layered different images and words until I had come up with an original and eye catching image to represent me. I made up flyers with tear-off tabs and stuck them up on every apartment door; this is what they looked like. (note: the pull-off tabs re-formatted when I uploaded the file into Google docs; if you want to see what it would actually look like when printed you must download the file.) After only a few weeks I had my first client(s); Brandi Robinson, and her lovely pooch Daisy Mae. I began walking Daisy 3 times a day, 5 days a week for a fair price. While being outside every day though, I encountered many many dog owners who were in a rush. Dragging their dogs back inside to get back on with their days; this was a stronger market than I had originally speculated. I took this as my chance to introduce myself to people I met outside, I became familiar with the neighborhood and the people inhabiting it. This personal side to the business was something that people very much liked; being recognized and having someone to casually talk to made me quite popular among dog owners in the area. Before I knew it, I was known as the “dog girl”. During the heart of winter, I took it upon myself to take advantage of the giving season. I started creating homemade dog treats in my boyfriends kitchen, and handing them out in bags of samples along with flyers stating the ingredients, as well as a short and sweet message. Of course my logo was displayed proudly on the front as well. Here is what the flyer on the sample treat bags looked like. (The flyers were about the size of 1/2 page when printed and attached.) My business has now extended to making and selling homemade dog treats, (as well as cat treats) and possibly even dog and cat food at some point. My first customer, Brandi urged me to make a Facebook page for my business as well to get my name out there, and it has certainly helped get me noticed. Hopefully things will only grow from here!


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      • That’s awesome 🙂 There are good and bad things about public school (in my experience at least), but more bad than good. Since starting this curriculum, I have found myself on many occasions actually applying the information I’m learning to conversations with people. In half a year I have gained more knowledge than in all my years in public school! It shocked me at first, but not as much as it shocked all my friends who are still in public

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