My Monthly Budget (L35)

As I have been taught well about internet and financial privacy, I do not feel comfortable including my actual spreadsheet for this month. Although the month is obviously not over, I have been using an excel spreadsheet (through Google Docs) to track my finances for the past week. So far what I have found is that although I have no debt, I also, unfortunately, have no savings. This is going to set me back in the future, and to try and counteract this I have been offering my services to neighbors and friends as well as turning in job applications around my town. I discovered that I personally tend to budget “safely” so that there is a rare chance I will end up with debt or not be able to purchase everything I need. I like to have a big enough cash cushion in my budget to catch any small slip-up. This is a good habit, but sometimes leaves me with unaccounted for money that then ends up being wasted on petty items.

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