The Morality of Work and Wealth (L25)

The morality of work and wealth is much simpler than it seems when first considered. Although there are many specific jobs that can be argued either moral or immoral by different people, I like to think I take a pretty basic, and arguably ‘fair’ stance on the subject. In the wise words of my boyfriend, “wealth in itself cannot be moral or immoral,” but I do also believe that means of obtaining such wealth can be one of the two. It cannot be immoral to be wealthy if one hasn’t done anything wrong to gain their wealth. However, if one is harming others in the process of, or for making a profit, then this would be considered immoral. Thieves, scam artists / con artists, the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t say that just because one is breaking a law (in the process of making money) that their wealth is immoral, because this would mean I believe that all laws are moral; that, however is not to say that I don’t believe any laws are moral. This being said, it is only unjust that one man has more wealth than another when he has not worked honorably to earn this wealth. If you pit a hard working middle class man, against a politician, who lives a life of luxury by the plundering of this exact hard working man, and many others like him, then it is easy to see that the politician’s wealth is immoral. My grandmother has always told me two things to live by; “honor all your contracts, don’t harm your neighbor.” Upon hearing this day in and day out as my grandmother shoveled advice out to my friends like candy, I came to the conclusion that even the most complicated of situations will really boil down to these two things. To live a moral life is to make an honest earning, be kind, and let your word be as good as gold.

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