How To Better Use My Time (L10)


I was raised in the public school, broken home, fend for yourself kind of setting. From a very young age I found myself juggling my fourth grade homework and cooking dinner for my two baby brothers. Cleaning, learning, eating and sleeping. Until recently (I’m a junior now) in fact, I have had no free time to enjoy myself whatsoever. Because as a child I never had any free time to manage, I quite quickly learned how badly I wanted it; and so the value of time began to make sense to me. My life has completely changed since I was that young though, and now I am home schooled, living with different people and I completely manage my own time. Of course I have guidance, but all of my life decisions are mine, and mine alone. Not having parents or public schools to mandate my weekly schedule, I have realized I need to make some adjustments. The first of these adjustments being that instead of sleeping in until 9 or 10 every morning, I will begin to set an 8am alarm to get up and begin school each day. Another way I can start using my time better would be to set up a schedule for myself each day; (not necessarily written out but at least in my mind) this will include eating lunch at about the same time each day, and making sure I’ve finished all my classes before moving onto chores, rather than just doing whatever I want, whenever it happens to fall into my day. Then, once my responsibilities are complete, I can enjoy myself and have some relaxation time. Lastly, as I have never been much of a procrastinator, I still know that I put things off at times. If something is ‘too hard’ I will put it off as long as possible – but only after I’ve already given it my best shot. This leads to dead time. Procrastination, even in it’s slightest form is a needless waste of my precious minutes, and so from here on out I will push through every assignment and issue, no matter how hard it gets. This is not to say that I shouldn’t take a break if something gets hard and frustrating – a breather is fine – but do not move onto another task until the first one I began is complete.


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