95 Theses Writing Assignment (L5)

How would you describe the condition of the Catholic Church on the Eve of the Protestant Reformation?

The condition of the Catholic Church on the Eve of the Protestant Reformation was appallingly corrupt, and immoral to say the least. The spreading ignorance in the Church began in the Clergy; more and more frequently they had been sending out priests with no training or schooling whatsoever to the people. Not only were these tainted teachings being fed right to the followers of the Church, but some people weren’t even receiving any sermons at all. In fact, during the great scramble for money and material things (like having more offices, which allowed for a higher income), Bishops often took on too many buildings at once and barely did sermons at any of them at all. On top of this, indulgences are being sold wrongfully. All of this, under the allowance of the Pope unbeknownst to the people, and to Luther himself, who exposed all these wrongdoings within the Catholic Church.

What were the Ninety-Five Theses about? What was the basic message of Luther’s complaint?

The Ninety-Five Theses were about exposing, as well as confronting everything wrong with what was happening within (most, but not all) of the branches of the Catholic Church.

The basic message of Luther’s complaint was that, even if the Catholic Church wasn’t riddled with corruption, even if it did function as it was supposed to, that still it would not be correct. He argued that the teachings themselves were the problem with the Catholic Church; this being because he had a completely different interpretation of what the Gospel message was than the Catholic Church did.

11 thoughts on “95 Theses Writing Assignment (L5)

  1. Eventually the Catholic church is incorrect, but I also believe that as Christians we should check our origins and challenge what we believe, so that anything that has an incorrect belief we should throw away…. say the rapture for example


      • Yes, for example: In the ancient times there was a belief that no one could be close to Jesus so what they did to interpret what Jesus said was interpret it from the apostole Paul; so whatever that person thought Paul was trying to say was what was interpreted, and then someone else tried to interpret what that person said about Paul, and then another one tried to interpret what that person said about that person that interpreted Paul… and so on, to the conclusion that we have come into a confusion of not really knowing what really is true… I mean, if you want to know what Jesus said, don´t look for Paul, look for Him, because if you look at someone esle and not Jesus you will fall into error…. and that´s what´s happened with the interpretation of the rapture
        If you look at real history, you will find that Jerusalem had already been destroyed on the year 70 AD, when Jesus said that there would be no stone over stone, He meant the destruction of Jerusalem which already occured, it didn´t mean that there would be a great tribulation for us, He was talking to that generation, He said this generation shall not pass until all these things have occured…… He definitely wasn´t talking to us, He was talking to that generation…anyway it´s a very long explanation but I invite you to do some research and challenge what you belief, because if God made a pact with Noah saying He wouldn´t destroy the Earth by water, He didn´t mean He was going to destroy it by fire, it´s like me telling you I won´t kill you by sword, but I will by gun, that´s absurd, it´s nonsene … you should read my last essay called Religion vs. True Believing 🙂


      • This essay had nothing to do with my personal beliefs; my outlooks on life are ever changing – just as, and because the rest of the world is constantly evolving. That being said, I have my own set of basic principals that do not change (until I have a reason or circumstance that suggests I do so) , and are based off of my moral belief and fact. Also, I do not self identify with any religion. I pick up bits and pieces of things that I feel are right for me and create my own path in life – more of a spiritual route; self awakening, if you will.
        Commenting specifically on what you said about if God made a pact with Noah – it is not absurd because, although it’s a total scumbag move to say that he won’t destroy the Earth by water, and he turns and destroys it with fire instead, he has still kept his contract with Noah. In your example, he keeps his word, which by my morals is far from absurd. It is messed up and conniving, but honest.


      • No no! You’re not rude at all and I wasn’t trying to come off as defensive, it was just my response (: discussion and opinion are important aspects of a blog (well really writing in general) and I always welcome all ideas and appreciate the time you took to reply!

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  2. Hi, I saw your girls’ comments and well, first of all, I believe that if you are my only source of food and you made a covenant with me to not give me poisoned food THROUGH YOUR HANDS and as a sign you made me a ring, but you still gave me poisoned food THROUGH someone else’s hands, you would keep your covenant with me, but it would be a dumb thing for me to accept it. Also, you would not be very righteous in doing such things. It’s like those contracts that companies give you where they put super small letters in them that practically bring down the whole contract. If we read those small letters, we would not sign the contract, or return it to ask for a modification of it, because we would think its unfair, incoherent, dumb, or whatever. Therefore, I think God is a righteous God who acts coherently and if He is the only reason we are alive, gave His Son for that matter, and too made a covenant to not destroy us THROUGH something and as a sign gave us a rainbow, but He still will destroy us THROUGH something else, that is not coherent action. In addition, it would be stupid for someone to believe in such God, just as it is stupid for somene to sign a contract that contradicts itself very subtly. How can you trust in that firm and how can you trust in that God? Also, do you believe that God will destroy the earth because you heard it from someone else, or because the Holy Spirit revealed it to you personally? Because if I read the bible with understanding, I see very clearly that in these verses it states that the earth will last forever. In Revelations 11:18 it says that God will judge those who destroy the earth, and I ask myself, “why would God judge those that destroy the earth, if he is still going to destroy it?” “The nations were angry, and your wrath came, as did the time for the dead to be judged, and to give your bondservants the prophets, their reward, as well as to the saints, and those who fear your name, to the small and the great; and to DESTROY those who DESTROY THE EARTH.” Then in Ecclesiastes 1:4 we read, “One generation goes, and another generation comes; but the EARTH REMAINS FOREVER.” Finally, in Psalm 78:69 “He built his sanctuary like the heights, like the earth which he has established FOREVER.” Also, with the matter of the rapture, it is very interesting to see that the primitive church nor the reformers believed in such thing. This teaching came about around the year of 1830. Men like John Wycliffe, John Hus, Martin Luther, Phillip Melanchton, Huldreich Zwinglio, William Tyndale, Nicholas Ridley, Hugh Latimer, John Fox, Edwin Sandys, John Knox, Isaac Newton, and John Wesley, all reknown for their historic contribution of christianity, none believed that the church would be raptured. I invite you to read these books, “The Blessed Hope” by George E. Ladd, “The Prophetic faith of Our Fathers” by LeRoy E. Froom, “The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty” by Manuel de Lacunza (He’s a Jesuite), “The origin of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teaching” by John L. Bray, and ” The Hope of Christ’s Second Coming” by S.P. Tregelles.

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