“Is the Family a Legitimate Form of Government?” (L5)

When brought the question of whether or not the family is a legitimate form of government, I reluctantly answer yes; however this does not apply to every single family out there. There is the aspect of ‘regular’ or normal families, and this entails that two sound of mind adults (or one) function as a team in raising their children (or child). They make decisions together, and choose to exercise their authority as well as control the sovereignty of their children through discipline (without physical abuse). This is clearly just a small-scale proficiently functioning government. However another aspect of a family is one of children raised anarcho-voluntaryist; in some of these homes children might be found making every decision for themselves, without punishment nor reward. There is no law, there is no hierarchy. Every man or woman is a sovereign human being making decisions for themselves and handling the consequences as well, even at the young age of 14. It is in these homes, like the one I live in, that people are taught responsibility, and decision making skills; most of all you learn that life does not have to be win-loose. “peaceful parenting” is another branch of family styles that I would not consider a government because, the upbringing of the child is all about compromise – rather than the parents just telling their kid no all day. It is about communicating and being on the same level, rather than exercising power over your child. My conclusion being that, although family does not have to be a form of government (and in my opinion shouldn’t be), these days (in many places around the world) that is exactly what it has become.

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